Kill Orbit (Cry Pilot, #3) by Joel Dane

Finished reading this book on June 10, 2021

**A hostile fleet. A planet killer. And one shot to make it right.

In this gripping new military science-fiction novel, a battle-tested infantry squad pursues an inhuman enemy into the vacuum of space.**

Maseo Kaytu’s squad is yanked from a much-deserved furlough by an emergency deployment off-planet. But why is Command sending grunts into the “Big Empty”? Without CAVs, without backup–hell, without gravity–the squad is more vulnerable than ever. Tasked with a mission that only they can complete, they track the enemy across the killing vastness of space, from a bizarre interplanetary warehouse to the hidden heart of a research habitation…and beyond.

But the enemy is tracking them, too. Scanning, calculating, preparing. Kaytu joined the military to redeem the bad choices of his past, yet now–trapped in hostile territory–he learns that soldiers face the hardest choices of all.


  • Kill Orbit (Cry Pilot, #3)
  • Author: Joel Dane
  • Finished reading: June 10, 2021
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