All Tomorrow's Parties (Bridge Trilogy, #3) by William Gibson

Finished reading this book on November 5, 2006

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He coined the term “cyberspace…“He envisioned both the Internet and virtual reality before either existed…

Now, the New York Times bestselling author of Neuromancer returns with his hero from Idoru, in a startling novel of a shift in time–and cyberspace…

All Tomorrow’s Parties is immensely engaging, alive on every page and as enjoyable a weekend entertainment as one could want.”–The Washington Post Book World

William Gibson’s rich protopointillism coins a wireless future where reality is only proxy and proviso. Made all the more beautiful and frightening by its probability, and by characters who somehow tweeze hope from the polymer.” –Chris Carter, creator of The X-Files

“One of science fiction’s greatest literary stylists…Gibson wouldn’t be Gibson if he spelled it out, if he eliminated all the ambiguity. His specialty is hanging on to that fractal edge without ever going over the brink.” –Wired Magazine


  • All Tomorrow's Parties (Bridge Trilogy, #3)
  • Author: William Gibson
  • Finished reading: November 5, 2006
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